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Kindles and creativity

I was on the train at the weekend and had a series of interesting musings I would like to share. Firstly there's my kindle. I love it and its portable thousands of books (or in my case, dozens). It is marvellous on buses, train, thrown forgotten into my bag and providing me with salvation at… Continue reading Kindles and creativity


No News is Good News

I'm probably not the only one who thinks the world is falling apart of late. Regardless of the war and mess we have created for ourselves, there has been in the last few months: flash floods in Australia; an earthquake in New Zealand; and now a tsunami in Japan. We all sit from the comfort… Continue reading No News is Good News


Not everything you read is true…

I was doing some procrastination/ career research that involved google searching the words "Glasgow" and "publishing" and came across what I thought was an informative blog, notesfromtheintern . At first I read it from a purely scientific point of view for ideas about what the publishing world is like, but I soon became engrossed in… Continue reading Not everything you read is true…