British Fantasy Awards and Cons

Belated news, but have you heard? Fox Spirit's Asian Monsters (editor Margret Helgadottir) has been nominated for best anthology in this year's British Fantasy Awards!  This is very exciting because firstly, I have a story in it, and secondly, I will be going to my first British Fantasy con this year in Peterborough! Fox Spirit… Continue reading British Fantasy Awards and Cons


Reviewing the Monsters

Asian Monsters has had a flurry of great reviews since the new year. Editor Margret Helgadottir has been working hard to get the word out and it's been slowly building up momentum. It's always nerve-wracking reading a review of your work. You are scanning, hoping they liked the anthology, hoping for a name-check but fearing it's in… Continue reading Reviewing the Monsters

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End of 2016 Round-up

This year I've managed to be very successful in getting things published although not so successful in keeping up regular writing. It seems to be a something in, something out for me, as much as I'd love to keep on top of everything. But this is nothing to be sad about, my name is in… Continue reading End of 2016 Round-up

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Asian Monsters Cover

A bit late, but look at the lovely cover for Fox Spirit's Asian Monsters edited by Margret Helgadottir.  My creepy ryokan tale 'Datsue-ba' will be in it and I crammed it with everything I miss about Japan from onsens to kotatsu. I've seen the proofs and the illustration that goes with my story is superbly horrifying. So scary… Continue reading Asian Monsters Cover


Rain, Monsters & Holding on

Look at this beauty!  The Glasgow SF Writing Group's 30 year anniversary anthology,  30 Years of Rain,  was double launched at British Fantasy Con in Scarborough then  Waterstones in Glasgow last month.  I finally have my hands on my contributor's copy  and it's gorgeous.  You too can get your copy from  Lulu or Amazon UK… Continue reading Rain, Monsters & Holding on