Nominations and Reviews

Came home tonight to a Facebook tag that made my day.  World Weaver Press have nominated my short story ‘One More Song’ which featured in Rhonda Parrish’s Sirens anthology, for the Pushcart Prize! Small presses can choose up to 6 of their best short stories to be put forward for this prize and anthology. This is my first nomination for anything so I had a wee dance around my living room.

Also a great day for glowing reviews. 30 Years of Rain , the GSFWC anthology had its first review by Chris Kelso of  Scottish SF magazine Shoreline of Infinity. He didn’t think there were any bad ‘uns. 😀

“A stunning achievement, a future artefact for later generations to cherish. This book is a gift.”

I’ve not written anything new in about 6 months due to doing a Masters research project, a full-time job and massive lethargy. It might be a bit early for new year’s resolutions but after the end of February hand -in date for my thesis, I’ve go no excuses. 2017 will be the year to finish my flooded urban fantasy! You can hold me to that.


2 thoughts on “Nominations and Reviews”

  1. Whoa!!! Congrats! I had one of my early poems (back in 2007) nominated for Best of the Net–it is so encouraging to get that kind of encouragement from the people who are bringing your writing to the rest of the world.

    Good luck on finishing up grad school. I know first-hand how severely that (and the subsequent attempts to find work in the academic world…) can disrupt a writing career. 😦

  2. Thank you! It is so encouraging even if nothing comes of it. As for grad school, I’m actually working full time and doing this research evenings and weekends! Sucker for punishment, I know… :S Can just about see the light at the end of the tunnel now though! Thanks for the kind words and good luck with all your projects!

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