The Bone Poet and God

I had the pleasure to narrate Matt Dovey's short story "The Bone Poet and God" over at Podcastle.  This was originally published in ed. Aidan Doyle, Rachael K. Jones, and E. Catherine Tobler's Sword and Sonnet.  Over on his website, Matt writes very eloquently about the themes behind the story and our quest to find out… Continue reading The Bone Poet and God



Some writing news! My short story "Joss Papers for Porcelain Ghosts" will be published by Black Shuck Books in Pariedolia, an anthology edited by James Everington and Dan Howarth. Have you ever seen figures in the clouds, heard voices in the sound of a detuned TV, recognised faces made by the shadows in the corner… Continue reading Pareidolia

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Fantasycon in Chester

Things have been quiet on here this year as I am mainly working on the first draft of my novel. I'm about 30,000 words in and it's a beast of burden: so different to writing short stories, so much planning and pushing through the mediocre draft and constantly changing world-building. I'm enjoying the world-building more… Continue reading Fantasycon in Chester


On both sides of the podcasts

I have previously mentioned my foray into narrating for podcasts and continued to do so with Cynthia So's "The Poet and the Spider" over at Cast of Wonders. Cynthia is a queer Chinese writer living in London and her words are beautifully poetic. She's definitely one to watch out for in the future and she… Continue reading On both sides of the podcasts